October 24, 2014

Paisley & Green

I couldn't decide which one of these pictures I liked better and wanted to post. I decided to post both :).

I love wearing colours and prints. This paisley shirt is great as it has so many colours and I can wear it with different colour bottoms & accessories. Items of clothing like this are important in your wardrobe so that you can get more mileage out of it as well as make the purchase worthwhile. 

In 2 years of working at my current job I have maybe repeated the exact same outfit twice. I make a point to not wear the exact same thing. If you follow my blog or go to my outfits page, I repeat an article of clothing but not the same combination. It requires some thought and having the blog also helps as I see what I had worn before.

I usually hang 2 items on 1 hanger and sometimes this is how I come up with my ensembles as I see things together and I'm like hey this can work! Even when doing laundry this happens. When I am hanging out clothes or even picking them up. Happy Accidents. 

Shirt- Mommy's
Skirt- Seamstress (US$10)
Shoes- Nine West (Mommy's)